about us

Burtz Bees began in 2009 as a small backyard hobbyist beekeeping endeavor having only a couple hives to start. We quickly grew over the next few years to maintaining over 50+ hives becoming what is known as a sideline beekeeping operation.  We are no longer just backyard hobbyists nor are we by any means a full on commercial beekeeping operation.  We currently maintain on average between 100 – 200 honey bee colonies in Gaston County North Carolina.  We aren’t  solely focused on honey and products of the hive. We are also a licensed producer/seller of honeybees  colonies & queens with the NC Department of Agriculture. We are very active in our local community, county/state regional bee associations, and are part of the local foods/farm to table initiatives. At the end of the day as a small family operation we are focused on providing quality natural products derived from our hives to our customers.   We do not harvest or produce any goods that we ourselves would not consume or utilize in our own home.