about our honey

About our Honey & Products of the Hive

Our Honey is responsibly harvested in NC, we do not purchase out of state honey and resale or blend it with our honey or products.  Rest assured if you see our label on the product it was produced in North Carolina and where applicable using locally sourced ingredients.  Our honey is never heat pasteurized or ultra filtered.  As such it will contain trace amounts of pollen  & will naturally crystallize over time.  Since we do not heat pasteurize our honey it maintains all of the plant nectar polyphenols which give our honey its very floral scent & complex taste. Also due to not excessively heating our honey maintains all of its enzymatic properties making it better for you than your run of the mill, off the shelf, & mass produced store bought honey.  Our honey is light amber to golden in color and packed full of flavor.  Prepare to awaken your taste buds & be whisked off finding your senses overloaded with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers when you try our honey.  Here at Burtz Bees we take pride in producing some of the best honey to be found in NC, regionally, and across the US.  Our honey & products have received countless awards over the years.  Most notably our honey in blind tasting(black jar) honey competition has won  awards locally, regionally, and nationally.  Our honey took 1st place and silver platter awards for taste at Eastern apiculture society’s 2019 conference.  This competition had over 75 competitors from all over the eastern US and Canada, making our honey the best tasting on the Eastern seaboard for 2019.  For 2020 we are proud to announce that Burtz Bees wildflower honey was a national finalist and winner in the Good Food Awards honey category with 2000 entries from all over the US, making it some of the best honey found in the US.

Burtz Bees is also a proud member of the NC Certified Honey Producer program & Got To Be NC Products programs further showing our commitment to you, our consumers.  So that you may have peace of mind that you are getting an authentic & quality product that is produced in North Carolina.  We stand behind every product bearing our label & we know you will be satisfied with it.  We are also more than just honey! We utilize other products of the hive to produce items such as beeswax candles, lip balms, hand salves, propolis tinctures, & mead.